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We sell new and used. We also buy used guitars, amps, drums, & PA gear.

Replacement speakers & driver kits

Great selection of slides by Rock Slide

Power & Preamp Tubes



February 20,2014
Used & Products by
Vintage Dunlop-Way Huge
Lessons D'addario-Ernie Ball
Service Peavey-Vox-Taye-Ghs
Map Samson-Hartke-BBE
Hours Cort-Electroharmonix
Mon 10-6 Blackstar-Boss-Mxr
Tues 10-6 Hercules-G&L-Sigma
Weds 12-8 Zoom-DR-Kyser
Thurs 12-6 Conquest-Dimarzio
Fri 10-2


Sat 10-2



Rockslide-Mighty Mite

We have more used items coming in all the time. We are always looking for used string instruments.

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Peavey E-coustic amplifier
Misc-used mics and cables
Fender Bullet electric
Alvarez AD60C acoustic w/case
Nord Electro 2 61 key
Bose L1 model II with sub

Fender Acoustasonic 30

Peavey 388S speakers (pair)

Yamaha 12" P.A. speakers

Grund Audio 12" floor monitor

Sunn SR6300P P.A. head

10" P.A. speaker

1952 Supro Spectator amplifier

Nick Manoloff tone bars in box

Behringer MX802A mixer

Digitech Studio II FX processor

Realistic ball mic w/cable

Vox Super Beatle

Aluminum light bars (pair)

Vox Dynamic Looper

Basix kick drum pedal

Casio PX330 piano
JBL Control 1 monitors (qty-6)
JBL Eon 10 (pair)
Behringer PO / HM / UD / NR 300 series pedals
Ultimate Support APEX
Ceramic claypot drum
Casio PX350 Piano
Hohner D6 Clavinet

Behringer UZ400

various used cables - ask
Boss HM-2

Univox 215 Bass cab reloaded

Behringer dual 31 band

Zildjian K 18" Dark Crash

Behringer CL9

Behringer CS400

Behringer 2 ch rack comp/limit

Rocktron 112 combo for parts

Rogers Luxor snare drum

DOD bass chorus
Mackie 8buss 24 channel w/case
Fender Fuzz Wah
1967 Gibson J45 w/case
Alesis Midi-verb
1920s Irish tenor banjo w/case
Fishman Aura acoustic imaging pedal
Ibanez RG321NT w/case
Jackson Kelly w/case
Boss GE-7
Digitech Metal Master
1963 Slingerland Snare w/case & stand

Alesis 2ch rack comp/limit

Gibson BR-9 steel & amp

SWR Strawberry Blonde amplifier

Paiste 3000 14" hihats

1931 Sears & Roebuck National

1980s MXR Compressor


In stock - 2014 Peavey Valve King amplifiers, Peavey Tri Flex II systems, more Peavey gear coming  by the end of February.
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